Ocean Breeze

Sorry for the delinquency in posting. Coming to post again about a month ago, I discovered that things have changed here in wordpress and for some reason I can no longer post photos – or at least haven’t figured out the new system. Too bad, because I had some neat posts and pics, but spent […]

Odd Auction

Odd Auction

Took a bike ride to post a letter and buy cat food – gotta keep the “Accent Cat” happy! There’s a letter box outside the drug store and the store sells nursery plants. Ah, ha! Now you know where this is going.

About 4 feet from the box there’s this bloodgood maple that looks like it’s over due for water but is otherwise healthy. I tell the cashier that it is dying (which is true if they kept on their current watering schedule), and can I get it at a deal? They offer at 50% off (original price $50). I offer $5 less. After a minute, another employee comes along and jumps in the conversation. He goes outside to look at the tree and the cashier says she’ll give it to me for $20. The guy outside brings the tree in saying, “How about 10? I mean, look at this” (showing me the nicely developing nebari). “Yeah, I see,” I say, quite neutrally. He looks at me, “You can’t have it for a penny over $10!” What could I do? He insisted! So I paid them and drove back to pick it up later. (Yes, I remembered to buy cat food.)

At home, I put in a little time release fertalizer, a bit more soil, and soaked it to be sure the entire dirt pack it’s potted in (sigh) would get wet. Now it is draining and sitting for a bit. This afternoon I’ll take off all the curled, browning leaves and cut it back some to encourage new, back growth. Repot in the spring. The days are too hot to repot maples. My thought now is to make it a bunjin / literati with that bottom branch as the apex, but I’ll wait and see how it looks in the spring.