Thankfully, the system let me in this time. Not sure what I did wrong last attempt, but I couldn’t sign in. Unfortunately, I don’t recall what the topic of that last post was going to be, and still haven’t solved the photo-posting problem. “Alas. Ear wax.” (Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

I guess I’ll just say, “Support your local community theater.” I’m currently involved with two productions at two different local theaters. We’re in Tech Week for a production where I’m on the stage crew, and about two weeks along in rehearsals for the show where I’m stage managing. Lots of work to do there! “Whew,” again.

“Why,” you may ask, “is she not naming the theaters and productions she’s involved with?” Because this post isn’t about me. Other than ear wax, it’s about getting out and participating with YOUR local community theater. Of course, it would be great to come see the shows at “my” theaters, but there may be one closer to you. Most of these local places put on fabulous productions at reasonable prices. If the ticket price is prohibitive, most of them will let you watch the show free if you will usher for them one night. In addition to audience, they are often interested in having help in some area: actors, crew, ushers, house managers, costuming, or animal “training”. One of “my” shows has a dog in it. They come for every rehearsal this week (and some previously) and the dog will be in one scene each show. It’s their first time, a “bit” part, and we are really happy to have them! If you have a well trained four-legged or feathered friend, there’s a chance your local community theater will eventually do a show that could accomodate you both.

And then there’s music! Any time a musical is produced, an accompanist (keyboard), at the least, is integral. If you and a few friends join in, they can have a live orchestra!

Ah, I see I’ve found a soap box. Can you tell I’m passionate about theater? :] As an end note, I’ll sign off with a typical theater blessing in encouragement for your next theater adventure:
Break a leg.


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