Ocean Breeze

Sorry for the delinquency in posting. Coming to post again about a month ago, I discovered that things have changed here in wordpress and for some reason I can no longer post photos – or at least haven’t figured out the new system. Too bad, because I had some neat posts and pics, but spent my time trying to navigate the new system instead of blogging. I promise to keep trying so you can see photos of some cool things.

All that stuff aside, this morning the weather changed. We’ve got clouds and a cool breeze and I CAN SMELL THE OCEAN! Ahhhhhh! I just want to stand outside and smell the air. I want to be on a ship at sea. I want to smell the air some more. I want to go camping at the beach. I want to run off with the bike and the kayak and the tent and the snorkel gear and be somewhere out of the valley for days and days and days. Ahhhhhh! Love that sea air!

I’ll have a few days just at the end of the month before things really pick up and time gets tight. Thankfully, I have a friend near the beach, so I’ll get a wee bit of a “fix” at the ocean. Then, back to the good work: We’re just having auditions for “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” and rehearsals start around the first of the month. I was asked to be Stage Manager! Invited!! Yippee kai yai yay! Doing the Happy Dance at having done such a great job last spring that I was ASKED to do the job again.

Life is good!

Can you smell the sea air?


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