Street Art

Street Art

Last Sunday, a local side street was blocked off. Navigating around the neighborhood, I discovered that four blocks were barricaded radiating out from a specific intersection. There are several events annually, hosted by the city, community, businesses, and clubs, and including everything from street parties and runs to bike races and large scale picnics. It looked as though an event was going to pass by on the way to/from down town.

The surprise came after being out of town for most of the day and returning to see sandwich-board hurdles still cordoning the streets. Looking closer showed a few people on their knees in the middle of the intersection. Hmmmm.

Walking to work Monday morning, I detoured slightly to pass through that area. Wow! Lots of bright color, fresh paint with no road dirt to speak of, the gold in the center is a “man hole” cover. It’s colorful crop circle legal grafitti in the middle of the road!


2 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. Jacquie Chamberlin says:

    How beautiful! It the. Paint permanent?

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