Rocky Reef

Rocky Reef

Rottnest Island has rough rocky shores. The harbour [Aussie spelling] has so much submerged rock that pilots [captains] have special training to bring in boats in safely. If you want to dock in the harbour and don’t have the special license, you radio ahead and a qualified pilot will be motored out to pilot you in.

The beaches have the same rocky floors. I snorkeled in “The Basin,” a popular swimming spot for families, snorkelers, and divers. There was a class the morning I was there, and this is where I saw the mermaids! [see post on March 26, 2013.] The rock bed in this photo is in layers starting above water and dropping. You can see sandy floor, no doubt with more rock below the sand. The rock in this pic is about seven feet below the surface, and the sand another 4-5 feet deeper. Sometimes the rock has a hole in it. There were a couple places, swimming across the three-to-four foot deep rock, that I came across ten and fifteen foot diameter hole dropping another fifteen feet. It was a little dizzying. There was a draw to go down into them, like a song calling you to enter. It was a little like the seduction of fire. Everybody likes a nice camp fire or hearth fire, it’s so friendly and warming, you can roast your marshmallows or cook dinner. I say seduction because we all know what can happen if you get too close or it gets out of control. These holes spooked me like that. I really would love to explore in them. . . . For me, I’ll get a lot more hours under my, er, suit? before attempting stuff like that. I definately see the lure of scuba.

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