Egret Flower

Egret Flower

Well, life has been happening, including losing the flowering quince that had been doing so well. It turns out several things went wrong, serially, almost as soon as I transplanted it: Hot weather, both night and day (sing it Cole!), windy spell, high nitrogen fertilizer – which the FQ doesn’t like, especially right after repotting. I had the light right. At least now I know what NOT to do.

I’ve also been in rehearsals for Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” playing “Corin” the shepherd. This is the “All the world’s a stage. . .” play, for those who are interested.

It’s still maple defoliation season here so they’ve been getting attention, and the junipers have been being selectively pruned. And of course watering. Mostly everybody in pots is happy (plus my land lady who I just gave two jade plants). Plus I had to plan and have Astrid’s birthday party (the cat). Some of you may not like this idea, but I got her a frozen feeder mouse which she thoroughly enjoyed. The next two mornings on our walk she was all over the place, up and down trees and support posts, jumping over ivy tendrils, chasing leaves and cockroaches. I guess it was a happy day for her.

The lacy white flowers picutured are egret flowers, which I am veeerrrrrry excited about. They are an orchid, Habenaria radiate. I think they usually bloom earlier in the season. The flower stocks are a little gangly, probably due to having lots of water (in well draining soil), but the flowers are still beautiful, and in my book it’s pretty cool getting an orchid to bloom. Any body else out there trying to grow both bonsai and orchids? Talk about a steep learning curve! :]

I hope everyone is having a good summer! Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Egret Flower

  1. The flowers are awesome! Orchids are my favorite flower. Sorry about the FQ. I’ve lost a couple starter plants this year earlier due to the unpredictable weather. Thankfully I didn’t lose any bonsai.

    • OceanKin says:

      What is your definition for “starter plant”? A term we use here on the west end of the continent is “pre-bonsai,” aproximately meaning the plants that are still growing without any real training. Yeah, sounds like you had some strange weather this summer.

      • A starter plant is the same thing as a “pre-bonsai”. Basically any plant that is obtained (regardless of size) with the intent of training into a bonsai. We use the term pre-bonsai here as well a starter plant. I guess it’s all in who you are talking to and what term they use most.

      • OceanKin says:

        Thank you. Glad to know I’m in the right ball park.

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