Limited Edition: Updates

Limited Edition: Updates

Here’s the little flowering quince that I posted about on 8 & 9 June this year. You can see that it is starting to back bud and has several flower buds as well. I love that it is flowering, but [except to have something to show in this photo] am removing the flowers. They take so much energy and this year the important thing is to get new leaves and branches started.

Also doing well is the “Odd Auction” bloodgood maple [18 June]. Nice deep red buds are starting at several of the old leaf nodes. I defoliated it and cut it back about a foot in hight. I’m not as brave about pruning as some of you, but I’m learning!

BTW, the highly stressed bloodgood that was posted on 5 April didn’t make it. Not only was there the original watering issues at the nursery, I’ve learned that we have really bad water for maple, camellia, azalea, many deciduous and flowering plants. [More on that soon.]


4 thoughts on “Limited Edition: Updates

  1. Love the little flowers :). Sorry to here of the bloodgood maple. I lost a small one this year as well. Have 3 others doing well but they had a rough start this year. Must be a bad year for bloodgoods. :-

    • OceanKin says:

      Hopefully the new, larger one will be OK. How are the 3 doing now?

      • They pulled through and have lots of leaves. Looks like they are much healthier. I think the extremely horrible spring weather was hard on a lot of plants and trees this year.

      • OceanKin says:

        Yes. And the heat now here in the west. A healthy trident maple, on a humidity tray and sitting next to other tridents, one day just “drooped” all its leaves and never recovered. The others are fine (so far). ??
        Glad to hear that your bloodgoods are doing well!

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