Faux Quince, deux

Faux Quince, deux

eschmidtpabonsai requested a close up of the leaves on the volunteer that came with a flowering quince. Here you are, sir. Thank you for your interest. Anyone else who is interested in bonsai, check out his wordpress blog: eschmidtpabonsai.wordpress.com.

PS: The flowering quince is budding out slowly, and has opened a new flower.


4 thoughts on “Faux Quince, deux

  1. First let me say thanks for recommending my blog! I just went and pulled a leaf off my elm that i have for comparison. I would say that there is a strong possibility it is an elm. It looks identical too the leaf in my hand :) The strong toothed edge, alternating veins and the shape are spot on.

    • OceanKin says:

      Sure thing. Glad to share good information and fun writing. I wish I could figure out how to get the blogs I follow to show up on my web page. Thanks to you for comparing your elm to my little mystery tree. It’s nice to at least think I know what it is… :]

      • In your dashboard go to “appearance” in the left column. Select widgets and in the second column, second down you will see a widget called “Blog I Follow”. Choose this widget and you can change the settings of it in the right column. Hope this helps :)

  2. OceanKin says:

    Thanks, eschmidtPA! I thought I’d done that already.

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