Flowering Quince, deux

Flowering Quince, deux

Today, I undertook the first pruning of the quince purchaced two days ago. I guess I’m not as brave as some of you guys who have been at this longer – it isn’t pruned as much as originally intended.

Probably just as well. The root pruning was a dickens! (though I don’t know why we blame Charles for difficult things). It is the best example I’ve seen of “yank the plant from the 2” pot and jam it into a gallon container.” At the core of the root ball was a 2 inch cube of densely packed ancient potting soil, crushed pearlite, and decomposing roots. Getting all that gunk off prior to repotting was a Charles, but not a Murphy, and took longer than is best for root exposure, but I kept them moist.

Anyway, here it is in the new pot. I hadn’t originally planned on the semi-cascade or the cascade pot, but they seem to go well together – at least for the next year until we see if there’s enough back budding for a mame.


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