Home Tokonoma

Home Tokonoma

The combination of a late night, winds, and high pollen-to-oxygen ratio led to my focus this afternoon on indoor bonsai. First was the arrangement of the hominid in the irregular horizontal line of a raft planting. This was followed by a brief but intense immersion in one of the key health requirements of hominids: sleep.

Upon waking, I noted that “Felis domesticus, var arrogantii” complimented the arrangement as the accent cat, creating a tokonoma in the living room. Note the accent cat’s graceful fe-lines creating a semi-catscade style just off center on the hand woven dai. It is hard to see in this photo, but the throw colors complement that of the accent cat – look carefully and you can see an orange band on the catscade leg where the white foot meets the knee.

I really like this tokonoma! Perhaps I’ll enter it in Portland’s Avant Garde show coming up in October 2013. Of course, the difficulty will be keeping the catscade in place and purring during the judging.


4 thoughts on “Home Tokonoma

  1. Jacquie Chamberlin says:

    I only see a cat and a very nice foot!

    • OceanKin says:

      The difficulty in photographing this type of tokonoma (display arrangement) is being part of the living art – makes it hard to get a good angle. Glad you like the foot. I have a pair of them that suit the display fairly well.

  2. You know you are a bonsai addict when you start seeing standard sights turn into bonsai related displays. I do the same thing all the time and drive my wife crazy ;) . Do they have medicine for people like us? LOL :)

    • OceanKin says:

      Yes! They do! It’s called “More Bonsai.” You can get is over the counter, grow it yourself, or just step outside with shears and clippers.

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