This pot has been around for a long time; long enough that I don’t recall how I got it, if it had anything planted in it, or why I acquired it. It has been with me at least since Wisconsin, so at a minimum has been around for twelve years. There is a small possibility I’ve had it as long as twenty-two years! The only thing I recall being planted in it are annuals, and in the last 18-24 months two small camellias (6 & 8 inches this year).

Since making the decision in January to go from having little trees in pots to having bonsai, I’ve planned to put the camellias into better soil. That happened today. Imagine my surprise, after dumping the ancient potting soil, discovering that the pot has a chop! For my friends and followers who are not up on bonsai lingo, a chop is the equivalent of a signature on a painting. It identifies the maker. Translated it means that the pot is actually worth something, certainly more than all the soil and plants I’ve had in it combined, and then some. As in, I could sell it and buy a very nice dinner for two, though probably not any alcohol.

I won’t. I’ve got a crape myrtle that will look very nice in it five or seven years from now.


2 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. You should post a pic of the chop to see if any knows the maker. Unless u already know :)

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