It’s bonsai season!

It's bonsai season!

Within 100 miles and about six weeks there are six bonsai shows (that I’m aware of). It is keeping me out of trouble on the weekends, and providing lots of inspiration. I’ve cleaned up my growing area and been paying better attention to the little buddies. Good thing, too. One juniper that I thought wouldn’t need repotting until next year was showing stress. Repotting accomplished!

Monday was a tough day with the local and national news. What better day to go to the nursery? I walked around just breathing the air of the trees, flowers, dirt, water . . . . Then I discovered the little sprouted trunk in this picture!

What is it?
I asked the nursery where it was purchased, the owner of a renowned bonsai nursery, and several people at a club meeting. Most people said, “Some sort of elm.” Two suggested “zalkova.” We won’t know until it flowers.


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