Spring Storm

Spring Storm

Last night’s thunder storm was beautiful – from my limited human perspective. Astrid would give you a different rendition of the story, no doubt.

It started early in the evening with high clouds carried in on tangy, salty drafts. It still surprises me to smell the sea this far inland. Thanks to the Delta Breezes!

Lightning and Thunder (to Astrid’s horror) lasted from about 11-Midnight. At work on the computer, I was cognizant of their approach, fearing the electrical surge that would wipe out years of electronic files, not to mention lights and the refrigerator motor. Imagine my surprise when the opposite happened: The brightest flash, the closest and loudest thunder, and suddenly the house lights were brighter! And stayed that way!

This photo is one of my eventual bonsai, a green waste recycling gutter rescue, dappled with remnants of rain.


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