In the planning, I was looking at the home stretch into Melbourne before flying home, a sort of “Melbourne or Bust” attitude. Well, Aubury was the bust! I arrived Saturday afternoon in the first rain since landing in-country three weeks ago. Most of the hostels have been within 2-3 km of the bus or train depot and every city has had good bus transportation, usually free during the day outside of commuter hours.

I arrived in Aubury about 3:30, two-and-a-half hours after the buses had stopped for the weekend!!! The hostel was nearly 5 km (2.5 mi) away. And there wasn’t anything obvious to do in town. Usually, there are posters up about the local attractions. Uh, gee….

Thankfully, a man waiting for his room to be made ready at a local B’n’B offered me a ride. No one bothered to mention that the hostel was actually part of the caravan (trailer) park, and we drove past it, then nearly past it again before finding the miniscule sign.

Not an entire bust, but the rest will have to wait as time is about up.



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