From Pittwater on to Canberra, the Aussie equivalent of the District of Columbia. Some Aussies call it the city with no soul. Really, it just has a different sort of soul. Missing is the extreme side of the club / night-life scene. Canberra is a planned city, complete with hired architect from the USA to plan the street layout in sets of circles, the relationship between key sites like the Parliament House, the War Memorial, and the civic center as an intentional triangle. It is a young city – 100 years and about three weeks – and lacks the element of evolution through time. There are even contingencies already in place for how the city shall expand through time. In that way it is artificial. Instead, it puts forth a soothing, relaxed feel that most cities lack. Opening yourself to experience Canberra gives the sense of waiting for you to find it on its own terms rather than pushing you to find the same things that every city has.

Canberra, Nation’s Capital


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