Greetings from Down Under~ I believe I left the story in Sydney on my way to Pittwater, about an hour and a half north. Pittwater, 12-14 March, was beautiful! The hostel is accessable only by water and sits in the bush on the edge of Ka-ring-gai Chase National Park, home of three of the most deadly snakes and two of the most deadly spiders in the world! I focused on the beauty. A young family was there on vacation from one of the Sydney suburbs. They were a friendly group and being around children, Daisy (4) and George (2), is always a joy. George is in the stage of doing everything his older syb does, including wearing her old dresses. Dresses are, after all, a requirement to dance. And George and Daisy love to dance! I stayed close to the hostel and caught up on my journal, happy to be near the bay and the bush. I saw wallaby (ies?) and a goowana (phenetically), a large black and off-white lizard. She was at least 4 feet long. It is the one time of my trip that I was without camera and so I missed getting a photo. Alas. I could easily have stayed another day to hike. The managers took us on a sunrise hike my last morning and it was well worth getting up at 6:30 and hiking 15 mintues uphill to the overlook of the bay. It was like having two sunrises actually. First over the sea with rosy fingers of Dawn, then Helios disappeared behind some clouds (making a glowing orange smiley face as he went) and rose again coming out from the smokey tinted veil.

Time to catch my bus to Melbourne. Ta for now.



2 thoughts on “Pittwater

  1. Mary says:

    Beautiful description, Lisa! You make me proud!

  2. suburijo says:

    Thank you, Mary. Ya see, I had this great English teacher in high school, who I, sadly, did not give 100 percent to but who, in spite of my lack of application, gave me a fantastic foundation for writing.

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