The redeye was much too short and no sleep combined with jet lag made for a tiring day. I took a brief nap in one of the hostel lounges then ventured to Circular Quay and the Opera House. Oh, my! you should see the light shine on that beautiful fete of architecture! Limiting myself to the outside, I then walked up through Kings Park and took a tour of the Government House, residence of the #1 elected official of Australia when she’s in town. Sadly, I was tired enough to not remember the position title or the woman’s name . . . Gine ?

Anyway, it is a beautiful residence with a blend of mid-1800s and 1900s architecture, old and new fernishings and decorations. The tour was enough to put me over the edge of tiredness and I caught the free CBD (Central Business District) bus back to check in.

What a great bunch of roomies here! The bunch of us went to Darling Harbour Saturday night to watch the fireworks. We represented Glasco, Scotland, Manchester, England, South Korea, and Philly, PA. Helen (Manchester) and I went to the Blue Mountains National Park on Sunday and walked for nearly 15 Km (8-9 miles) along a cliff top. Monday, Helen, Brittnay (Philly) and I spent the day at Bondi Beach. Another new ocean that I’ve swum in! It’s the SW Pacific, except that the sea between New Zealand and Australia has it’s own name, which I need to look up still. Anybody?

Tuesday morning I packed up and returned to the Opera House for a tour. Alas, they would not allow me to sing on stage. They’ll never know what they missed.

Gotta run! It’s way past lunch time and I still want to get into the Canberra Museum this afternoon.



2 thoughts on “Sydney

  1. Terri says:

    Hi Sisa. Her Excellency Ms. Quentin Bryce is the Governor General and Commamder in Chief of Australia. And, thr Tasman Sea is the body of water that lies between Australia and New Zealand.

    Miss you,


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