Well, this little rat-ish looking marsupial macropod and it’s buddies were quite persistent trying to get food, even if unwrapping the item resulted in an underwater camera rather than a museli (granola) bar. The photo I hoped to upload shows one passing about 1.5 feet from my face to check out my pack. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the photo to load. Hopefully at the next stop, or another session.
Check Rottnest Island on google and see where the Quakka live and where I snorkeled in the Indian Ocean. Currently In Sydney and wishing I had more time on the net to update everyone. Best!


2 thoughts on “Quakka

  1. Jacquiec33@yahoo.com says:

    Looks so beautiful …

  2. Beau Gage says:

    Hello Morgan,
    We are able to see your photographs today…thanks! Linda and I have enjoyed your posts. Love, Beau

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